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Burning Crusade Classic just received its final content update

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Burning Crusade Classic just received its final content update

lun 31-oct-2022 08:12:20 ART #389720

Blizzard will shut down World of Warcraft Classic's character Clone service on the 26th of July in just under an entire year of being available.

The paid service allows players to create a replica of an WoW Classic character of their choice based on the "snapshot" of the character's current state on May 18 2021. The players had the choice on a per-character system prior the launch of Burning Crusade Classic last summer of whether or not to keep that character on what Blizzard today calls "Classic Era" realms, or to advance into Burning Crusade. If they couldn't pick for cloning, let them play both games for a nominal cost.

Blizzard hasn't provided a specific reason for why the service has been shut down on its official website however character cloning is available for $5 (66 percent off) through July 26. For players who haven't made the decision for their character on whether they want to go towards Burning Crusade Classic or stay on the Classic Era realm by July 26. Blizzard says every character are being moved to Burning Crusade Classic, with the Classic Era version of those characters being deleted.

In the time that Blizzard first announced its service to clone characters last year, it found itself in hot water due to the what many felt was a steep asking price for the service. it was originally planned to cost $35. After hearing feedback from players, Blizzard cut the price of the service by more than half, to $15.

Burning Crusade Classic just received its final content update, Fury of the Sunwell. Blizzard is planning on releasing a Classic Version of the game's adored Wrath of the Lich King expansion later this year. If Wrath of the Lich King Classic does arrive and is released, the majority of Burning Crusade servers will automatically be converted to Wrath of the Lich King servers. Although Wrath of the Lich King Classic will run with the final patch of the expansion It won't feature features like the automatic minimap of quest tracking that Blizzard states isn't within the spirit of Classic WoW's "core values."

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