They are consumable items that can be bought


The problem is that not everyone's Legendary Gems are created equal. Certain are more precious and strong than others, which makes figuring out how to find the most valuable gems complicated. Here's what you need to know about how to acquire these crucial items and how to increase their effectiveness in Blizzard's mobile first RPG. Legendary Gems are available in various varieties such as 1-Star, two-Star and 5-Star. It is easy to imagine that 5-Star gems offer a superior quality over 2-Star and 1-Star Legendary Gems. However, they are also more scarce and hard to find. How can you get these precious stones? They are primarily found by playing Elder Rifts in conjunction with Rare or Legendary Crests. They are consumable items that can be bought or obtained via the battle pass, or any other in-game shop bundles. A Rare Crest provides you with a possibility of finding a 1– or 2-Star Legendary Gem on being completed with one Elder Rift, while using a Legendary Crest guarantees that Legendary Gems will drop with a slim chance of finding a 5 Star Legendary Gem. The more crests you can slot onto the Elder Rift, the more gems you will receive at the conclusion as a reward. Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Store to buy D2R Runes, Runewords, Gems, Jewels, Miscs, Set Items, Unique Weapons, and Armors for PC, Xbox ,PS4; cheap, fast, safe, reliable service guaranteed! If you have any questions about service complaint, please visit