Brazilian Sugar Icumsa 45.Packing 50 Kgs Bag.Shippment by Containers.

We, SELLER MANDATE hereby confirm with full corporate and legal responsibility, that we are ready, willing and able to supply,BRAZILIAN REFINED WHITE CANE SUGAR – GRADE “A”- ICUMSA-45 RBU VHP 800/1200. PRICES CIF.SHIPPMENTS BY CONTAINERS: Orders From 50 M/T TO 1.000 M/T CIF PRICE USD 740 M/T Orders From 1.000 M/T TO 2.000 M/T CIF PRICE USD 730 M/T Orders From 2.000 M/T TO 4.000 M/T CIF PRICE USD 720 M/T Orders From 4.000 M/T TO 6.000 M/T CIF PRICE USD 710 M/T Orders From 6.000 M/T TO 8.000 M/T CIF PRICE USD 700 M/T Orders From 8.000 M/T TO 10..000 M/T CIF PRICE USD 690 M/T PAYMENT TERMS · By an Irrevocable, Confirmed, Payable at Sight (100%) on presentation of shipping documents (Bill of Lading); Unconditional Transferable Letter of Credit, confirmed by International prime banks from Europe and/or United States of America. · By Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC). More details will be indicated in the FCO. Note: All payments instruments will be addressed to the Seller directly . Gerard Prudham Director France Office Gananova Export Chile Email: [email protected] Skype: gprudhamgananova


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