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Zhuhai Liri Tent Co, Ltd...

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Zhuhai Liri Tent Co, Ltd...

Every exhibition company is much concerned about how to make an appropriate plan for a trade show. It is a systematic work where exhibition companies not only need to carefully design the location of all exhibition booths, but also offer good service to exhibitors so that they can have more effective communication with their clients. As for a large trade show, a specialized team is really needed.

During 16 to 19 May, 2017, LiRi Tent will provide mobile tents covering a space more than 5,000 square meters for Chinaplas, one of the biggest international rubber trade shows. In a variety of areas, such as security inspection, passageway, ticket office, check-in hall, LiRi Tent can be seen.


Recently, a wild range of Chinese cities are influenced by the rainy season. The wind load rating of LiRi Tent is 80-100km/h, and between mobile tents rain gutters can be installed, soft or hard. PVC drain pipes can be installed, as well, so there won’t exist problems like leak or ponding. No matter what the weather is, thunder or storm, the trade show and activities hosted by the organizer won’t be affected.

“Innovation creates our future”, 2017 Chinaplas will present breakthrough technologies in rubber industry, a variety of hi-tech materials and cost-effective processing technic on plastic materials. The four-day trade show is expected to welcome 140,000 audiences from 160 countries and regions. LiRi Tent as the supplier of makeshift constructions in this show will get all the audiences distributed reasonably and contribute to the success of 2017 Chinaplas.

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