Titanium Bar-Rod

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Titanium Bar GR7 has excellent strength, hardness, lightweight,  high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, good mechanical processing performance, excellent corrosion resistance, non-magnetic and non-toxic, and good heat transfer performance. At the same time, it has memory and superconductivity. The composition of Titanium Bar GR5 is Ti-6Al-4V, which belongs to (α+β) type titanium alloy, with good comprehensive mechanical and mechanical properties. It has excellent corrosion resistance, small density, high specific strength, good toughness and weldability, and has been successfully applied in aerospace, petrochemical, shipbuilding, automotive, pharmaceutical and other sectors. The titanium round bar is mainly used in aerospace structures, engine parts, ships, medical implants and equipment, hydraulic and instrumentation pipes, cryogenic vessels, heat exchangers that require high strength. It is also used in a variety of chemical process equipment and ship and fuselage applications where corrosion resistance is required. Titanium Filler Rod is a hollow filter tube made of titanium powder by high temperature sintering. It is mainly used for titanium rod filters. It is non-toxic, non-magnetic, non-shedding, and has good bio-melting properties. Therefore, it is widely used in liquid-solid separation in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. It is especially suitable for decarbonization filtration in large infusion and injection production lines in the pharmaceutical industry.


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Titanium Bar-Rod

Titanium Bar GR7  具有出色的强度,硬度,轻巧,耐高温,耐低温,良好的机械加工性能,优异的耐腐蚀性,无磁性和无毒以及良好的传热性能。同时,它具有记忆和超导性。钛棒GR5 的成分   为Ti-6Al-4V,属于(α+β)型钛合金,具有良好的综合机械性能和力学性能。它具有优异的耐腐蚀性,小密度,高比强度,良好的韧性和可焊接性,并

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