Titanium Tube-Pipe

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Titanium Tube-Pipe

Titanium exhaust tubing is characterized by its lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. The density of titanium alloy is only 60% of steel, but the strength is even better. At the same strength, the titanium exhaust tubing is lighter than stainless steel, suitable for race cars and motorcycles owners who pursue the ultimate lightweight modification. Titanium Seamless Tube is a long strip of tubing made of titanium alloy with a hollow section and no seams around it. It was originally used primarily for the manufacture of aircraft engine compressor components and structural components for rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft. Since the mid-1960s, it has been gradually applied to electrodes in the electrolysis industry, condensers in power stations, heaters for oil refining and seawater desalination, and environmental pollution control devices. The titanium welding pipe is obtained by welding a titanium or titanium alloy coiled strip or a wide-width sheet into a tubular shape by crimping. It has been widely used in electric power, seawater desalination, water treatment equipment, air conditioning equipment and other industries, but in the petrochemical industry, the use of titanium welded pipes is still being promoted.


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