Top 10 packages for React Native in 2020

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React Native is the new darling on the block for building cross platform mobile apps. The usage of React Native has taken off in the past couple of years and it bas become the mainstream go-to framework. Over the years some great packagages have been built to facilitate quick development time. We have collated the top 10 packages loved by our developers for building in React Native. 1: React Native Paper Built around the Material design standards, this open-source library helps build cross platform apps with ease. A snappy interface with good animations make this a go-to library and favourite. 2: React Native Maps One of the best and easiest way to integrate maps in an app with support for polygons, markers, etc. 3: Native Base Native base is pretty helpful to get your projects off the ground quickly with a lot of UI components. Multiple starter kits are available to suit your needs. 4: React Native Firebase With Fabric been sunsetted, moving to Firebase is essential for every developer and this library is helping the transition well. Although still a work in progress, it does the job for the moment. Highly recommended! 5: React Native Vector Icons Looking for icons? Look no further. Most of your usual needs are sufficed from this library. If you are using React Paper, you might have already noticed the icons from this library! 6: React Native Permission A single API to manage your app permission with both iOS and Anroid, this makes life simple to access the underlying features in the OS like Camera, GPS, etc. 7: Lottie! Some of the most beautiful animations can be added to your app using this library which parses Adobe After Effect animations and renders them for the web or mobile. More of a hidden gem which should be used more often! 8: Gifted chat One of ths fastest way to add chat feature in your app.Pretty straighforward integration. 9: React Navigation 5 Quickly add routing and navigation to your apps, with buil-in navigators with iOS and Android specific look-and-feel. 10: React Native Localize If you want to add app localization for reaching a wider audience, this is the newer option, after react-native-i18n package got deprecated. The github page has detailed information on it’s usage and we have found it easy to integrate with our apps that required localization. Hopefully this list will get you off the ground with some of the best things in the world of RN. There are a lot of wonderful libraries that we haven’t covered, but that’s for another day! Hire React Native and Ionic Developers Hire Angular and Node JS Develoeprs Hire Android Application Developers Hire .NET and Php Developers Hire Ios Iphone Application Developers


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