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Zhejiang Hangpai Electric Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd

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Zhejiang Hangpai Electric Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd

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Zhejiang Hangpai electric vehicles was established in Dec. 2006. The company is mainly engaged in producing electric vehicles, including electric bicycles, electric scooters, and some ODM vehicles. So far, the products have been widely sold in many countries, like Germany, France, UK, Italy, Portugal, Canada, US,Israel, etc. We provide OEM service but meanwhile we are running our own brands: "YITU" and "Bluelecttrico (Italian). Of course,all of our products for Europe Union are tested by official labs and we own the certificates from TUV Nord, TUV Rheinland as well as CE and Rohs certificates.We take particular care of safety, our iron frames are all treated in a more careful wayin order to assure a longer "rust-free life".

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