Growth of Text to Speech Technology


Converting text to speech AI is an automation technology that has proven to be useful in a variety of fields. Text to speech software is a type of text-to-speech (tts) technology that translates written text into a natural-sounding voice that everyone can understand. For the visually impaired and uneducated, our text to speech software sound converter has shown to be the finest answer. Speech synthesis technology or tts has improved greatly since the late 1950s when the first computer-based speech synthesis systems were developed, and the first text-to-speech system was finished in 1968. In 1961, physicist John Larry Kelly Jr invented the IBM 704, a voice synthesizer that became one of the most famous in Bell Labs history. The voice synthesizer market has continued to grow since then. It has improved capability in telecommunications and other businesses, as well as military and government functions, and has aided the disabled significantly. TTS is an open synthesis, and our comprehension of it has progressed to the point where we can grasp a wide range of real-world applications, ranging from supporting vulnerable people to boost the country's competitiveness. In every manner, electronic synthesizer technology has revolutionized the way we function. Speechmax, tts is a cutting-edge technology converts text to speech for free online in a variety of industries, including nursing, baking, cinema, radio, broadcast, e-learning, and audiobooks.


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