Sonic Toy | Sonic The Hedgehog 7" Sonic Plush Figure

sonic toy

The value of any collectible item, Pops included, is all dependent on availability in the market and demand by collectors. Short-term exclusives, such as those done for conventions, often never sell for “retail” price because they were only available at a certain location and time. Depending on the popularity of the character, they might see a steady rise over time, or possibly level off once the demand for the character has diminished. Other items might be available at retail but sit on the shelves with no demand, thus decreasing their aftermarket value. On the flip side of that, though, is that once Funko takes these items off the retail market, you will often see them begin selling for well over retail price because people can’t just walk into a Target or Walmart and buy them. Sometimes lack of availability in itself can create demand. Every item is going to behave differently in the aftermarket depending on its production run, availability, and how much collectors actually want it. While not all Funko Pops are worth more, a good bit of them is worth at least something. Exclusives such as SDCC and Hot Topic exclusives can become very expensive over time. Some of the Funko Action Figures are vaulted, which means that they are no longer being produced but have the potential to be re-released. If you have some vaulted Pops in your possession, they may be worth a good bit of money sometime after purchase. Funko also retails Chase Pops, which are limited edition versions of popular Pop figures. They are pretty expensive because they’re rarer compared to a lot of Pops out there. Does unboxing the Funko pops make any difference? It depends on your own personal preference/why you are collecting Funko Pops. If you’re a collector thinking about the future: If you are planning on making money off them, it is possible. But long term, look at what happened to sports cards or Beanie Babies. Collectibles like this are always going to be a risk. And keeping things in the package is a lot more common now. The only time it’s recommended to keep figures in their boxes is if you’re a collector who plans on selling them someday. Unopened figures will always be worth more than opened ones, or ones without boxes. If this does sound like you, but you sort of want to open them anyway to enjoy and display them, then you can do what many other collectors do: buy two of each so you have one to keep in the box, and one to open and display! If you’re just buying them for your own enjoyment you can unbox the Funko figures. In the end, the only one who makes the rules is you! No one else can tell you how to enjoy your collection, so do what makes you happy! sonic toy


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