Until I started playing RuneScape


Until I started playing RS, I'd never heard of "tinderbox". I had no idea (and would be able to later learn similar to you!) Iron, like ingame was a volatile resource. The same with me..about steel…RS was the very first (and remains a very important) game that I played. I gained many things from RS. Now I know everything about those "rofl" and "lol" and "noobs" you talk about. Other thoughts: I believe it has also taught me that the first friends you meet will be your life long friends even after. Unfortunately some of my classmates from RS are now gone. However, I still keep in touch with two of them daily through Skype. Don't do the same thing I did and don't ever speak to your high school friends again. I'm sure you'll feel better after finding friends on Facebook. It's something I've heard someone else talk about however it makes you appreciate how crucial the routine of your daily life. You have to do the same thing each day at work. My job level is 75. What about you? You're as giddy! I'm with the comment about parents and gaming online. My parents were not supportive of me gaming online even though I was still in highschool. It was something I attempted to "hide" in the past although my mother knows. However, it's my dad who really tries to get in on the game. As you may have guessed that the RS community has changed a lot over the years. It was amazing to learn so much from the other members back then and who were happy to chat with you when you were feeling low and who would offer excellent tips. Want to learn more about RuneScape gold at https://www.rsgoldfast.com


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