RuneScape – Meetings may be scheduled to discuss strategy


This is your starting point, however you can modify it to eliminate the required items and make it unsuitable to host the conflict. There are up to 20 barricades, 500-step fields, two fortresses, and 4 turrets. Be aware that the number of turrets that your opponent is also available to you. Secondary portals may be added to this list. But, they should not exceed 50 feet away from the portal of another. There are only four portals total. The barricades or turrets you have can't be placed in specific areas. Meetings may be scheduled to discuss strategy, clan events or even parties. In this case. Here, you will be referred to the same way as you would be in the war. To leave, you have to traverse the portals. There are five different landscapes to escape: desolate (broken Turrain and burned Trees) and desert (sandy with cactus) and green (blooming field with trees) and fake landscape (red terrain that is completely faked using barricades) castle (tiles with huge collums or pillars). The area you will fight on is surrounded by walls of castles that match the fortress you have built. It's almost like Yanille. There are a variety of options to guard towers and fortresses. You can also design your clan's banner by entering your fortress and selecting one of these: lion, dragon, crown tree, heart, bag of gold and heart. You can also create your own customized. It is here that you will get an instrument kit and the ability to customize the banners you choose to use. The whole process is free since you don't get any advantage. It is impossible to build as many turrets or barricades on the opposite side of the field. Want to learn more about RuneScape gold at