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Supply 2-Amino-4-phenylbutane cas:22374-89-6([email protected])

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Supply 2-Amino-4-phenylbutane cas:22374-89-6([email protected])

miƩ 29-dic-2021 07:50:28 ART #983315

Supply 2-Amino-4-phenylbutane cas:22374-89-6( Supply 2-Amino-4-phenylbutane cas:22374-89-6(



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Amphetamine is an indirectly acting adrenomimetic amine that depends for its action on the release of norepinephrine from noradrenergic nerves. Its pharmacological effects are similar to those of ephedrine; however, its CNS stimulant activity is somewhat greater. Both systolic and diastolic blood pressures are increased by oral dosing with amphetamine. The heart rate is frequently slowed reflexively. Cardiac output may remain unchanged in the low- and moderate-dose range. The therapeutic uses of amphetamine are based on its ability to stimulate the CNS. The D-isomer (dextroamphetamine) is three to four times as potent as the L-isomer in producing CNS effects. It has been used in the treatment of obesity because of its anorexic effect, although tolerance to this effect develops rapidly. It prevents or overcomes fatigue and has been used as a CNS stimulant. Amphetamine is no longer recommended for these uses because of its potential for abuse. Amphetamine is useful in certain cases of narcolepsy or minimal brain dysfunction.

Product Name: 2-Amino-4-phenylbutane/1-methyl-3-phenylpropylamine

CAS NO.:22374-89-6

Molecular Formula/Weight:C10H15N=149.23

Appearance:white crystal

EINECS NO.:244-942-2

Melting Point:-50 °C

Boiling Point: 228-232 °C(lit.)

Flash Point: 208 °F

Density: 0.922 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Storage temperature: −20°C

Water Solubility: 8.5 g/L (20 ºC)

HS code:29214980


Product List:

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4-(Trifluoromethyl)nicotinamide  cas:158062-71-6       

Cyazofamid  cas:120116-88-3

Tembotrione(iso)  cas:335104-84-2

Chlorfenapy  cas:122453-73-0

2-Mercapto-5-methyl-1,3,4-thiadiazde  cas:29490-19-5 

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Trimethylamine Hydrochloride   cas:593-81-7

Tadalafil   cas:171596-29-5

Avanafil    cas:330784-47-9

3-Chloropropiophenone    cas:936-59-4

1-bromo-5-fluoropentane     cas:407-97-6

Indazole-3-carboxylic      cas:4498-67-3

Agmatine Sulfate   cas:2482-00-0

N-(1-Methylethyl)-Benzenemethanamine   cas:102-97-6

2-imidazole    cas:120-93-4

New Bmk    cas:5449-12-7/20320-59-6

New Pmk    cas:28578-16-7/285578-16-7

2-Bromo-4’-Methylpropiophenone    cas:1451-82-7

2-Bromovalerophenone alpha Bromovalerophenone  cas:49851-31-2

Tetramisole Hydrochloride   cas:5086-74-8

Levamisole hydrochloride   cas:14769-73-4/16595-80-5

1-Methylpyrrolidine   cas:207557-35-5/120-94-5

4-Methylpropiophenone     cas:5337-93-9

Valerophenone   cas:1003-14-9

Monomethylamine Aminomethane    cas:74-89-5

Trimethylamine  cas:75-50-3

Maltoheptaose     cas:34620-78-5

1-Methyl-3-phenylpropylamine/2Amino-4-phenylbutane   cas:22374-89-6

2-Phenylpropan-1-amine hydrochloride/β-Methylphenethylamine       cas:20388-87-8

2-Amino-4-phenylbutane/1-methyl-3-phenylpropylamine       cas:22374-89-6

2-phenylpropan-1-amine hydrochloride         cas:20388-87-8

Hexahydro-pyridazine Dihydrochloride                  cas:124072-89-5

Maltoheptaose/ Amyloheptaose     cas 34620-78-5

Mda-19   cas:1048973-47-8



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