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The Originals | Chicago Cubs Legacy

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The Originals | Chicago Cubs Legacy

jue 20-oct-2022 09:03:42 ART #989879

The people who establish the first brick of any institution matter a lot. Their importance might have been less when they were alive but after they are no more they are revered. 


Unfortunately, this is how things function and life world. One such example is the Wrigley Field. It is known as the home ground for the Cubs. This is where everything began for the game of baseball itself.


It is a team that is called the original team. This is because it is the only team that has survived since the beginning. It hasn't changed its representing place and has been constant. 


So, if you have a Chicago Cubs Sweatshirt then be proud of having it on. Because it is truly an iconic team to follow. 


There is something that can be learned by every member of this team. Such is the glory of this team.


This iconic stadium was first named the Weeghman Stadium. But, then it was again changed in the 1900s to Wrigley Field.  


It is also the first premium major league baseball stadium that was established. This place is popularly known as the home ground of the Chicago Cubs. 


Many records have been made by the team in the presence of this piece of history. 


It has crossed its 100th anniversary and as time passes the people keep falling more in love as the time passes. 


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