Microsoft is a generally good workplace


Let's start by stating the obvious: Yes, it is a bit gruelling for poor actors to get a reward from society. It's unfair. We're aware that karma can't be this way. So the attention that Kotick has on his pay check is completely reasonable. If the allegations concerning Kotick's own guilt for failing to confront a culture of abuse and harassment are correct, it's human to be angry at the idea that a big large paycheck is headed his way as a reward for helping to create the workplace culture that has led to the numerous reports of toxic behavior in Activision Blizzard and then stubbornly refusing to step aside. To provide a 1.000-foot view however, Bobby Kotick is already obscenely wealthy having a net worth that is estimated at $870 million. That is a level of wealth that's hard to grasp. It's enough to last hundreds of lifetimes without working another day, not even taking into think about how investments and interest can be able to generate all the money you'd ever need to enjoy a comfortable life. The massive payout that awaits Kotick when he's done with the deal isn't going to make his life much easier than it already will be. From SEC documents, Kotick would definitely receive a huge payment of up to $260 million once he quit the business, regardless of whether an acquisition took place or it had not. It's a clear case that the rich get wealthier. He's accumulated even more wealth is fundamentally, not just because of practicality. However, the acquisition may be the perfect opportunity for Activision Blizzard to make significant, lasting improvements to worker conditions along with studio's culture. Microsoft is a large enterprise with standardized structures to prevent workplace harassment. there's no the reason why its management is allowing abuses comparable to those at Activision Blizzard in severity or extent. In general, Microsoft is a generally good workplace, especially in comparison to the company it recently purchased. Establishing a positive culture and having it be an upper level of the organization power pyramid will help to identify bad behavior and provide clearer guidelines for behaviour. Buy WotLK Classic Gold with fast delivery, safe, cheap and professional services. p2pah WoTLK Classic Gold Market is your best choice. please visit