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Transparent Iron Oxide Dispersion

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Transparent Iron Oxide Dispersion

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Shaoxing Allway Nano Technology Co., Ltd. is China Transparent Iron Oxide Dispersion Manufacturers and Transparent Iron Oxide Pastes factory, a high-tech enterprise providing color services and custom nano-functional materials for coatings, inks, textiles, paper, stationery, latex, cosmetics and other applications. Specializing in the production of various types of environmentally friendly water-based color paste, nano-scale water-based color paste and wholesale Transparent Iron Oxide Pastes. The main products are water-based wood lacquer, AW series color paste for industrial paint, universal color paste, high-light color paste, water-based metal series paste, LSB series color paste and SB series color paste, which can provide customers with color solutions and provide Customization of functional nano-materials. The company has internationally production equipment and testing equipment, and the products produced have high scientific and technological content. Welcome all customers to come to guide the work and seek common development.

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Transparent Iron Oxide Dispersion

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