Pmk Oil Powder 52190-28-0 BMK 20320-59-6- 5413-05-8 Safe Delivery

Pmk Oil Powder 52190-28-0 BMK 20320-59-6/ 5413-05-8 Safe Delivery Product Name: 1-(benzo[d][1,3]dioxol-5-yl)-2-bromopropan-1-one CAS No: 52190-28-0 Boiling point: 345.7±42.0 °C(Predicted) Place of Origin: China Appearance: Powder Purity: 99.9% Packing: 25kg/Carton Box Application: Local Anthelmintic Storage: Keep in dark place,Inert atmosphere,Room temperature Sample: Available Shelf life: 1 years That 100% of the packages you order pass the customs of the United States, Mexico, Canada, the 27 EU countries, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Southeast Asian countries. We have a strong customs clearance agency in these countries, and our customs clearance company will clear your parcel without any customs issues, sometimes even 1000 kg. On-site service DDP service. In order to ensure 100% receipt of your package, if there is any customs issue, we promise to reissue it again free of charge. Let you experience our strong transportation and customs clearance capabilities.


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