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Given that he wonArsquo;t get much game time at Madrid, you can convince him on a loan-to-buy deal if you do not have the funds to purchase. With a rating of 62 and a potential of 82, he would become a superstar for your side and be perfect in Road to Glories. 7 Abdoulaye Kamara, Borussia Dortmund Abdoulaye Kamara stands out as among the finest youth prospects that Borussia Dortmund currently possesses, and he will likely break into the main team over the coming few seasons. The Guinean has great defensive qualities and would be the physical man you need in the Career Mode. Related: FC 24: Challenging Clubs To Rebuild In Career Mode Inside the first season, he has an overall of 60, and he will slowly develop into a better player in 5Andash;6 seasons. Since Abdoulaye Kamara has a potential of 82, you must be patient with him and give him apt opportunities. 6 Luka Vrbančić, Dinamo Zagreb Croatian talents have been on the rise, and Luka Vrbančić is one of the footballers to watch out for in the FCure. He plays for Dinamo Zagreb, the best team in the Croatian league, and he can help you improve the offensive aspect of your midfield. Even though centre midfield is where you must ideally play him, he tends to perform more superior in the attacking midfielder role when he is given freedom with the ball. EA has rated Luka Vrbančić a 61, whereas his potential in the game has been set at the mark of 82. 5 Jobe Bellingham, Birmingham City Jobe Bellingham is one of the top prospects in English football, and he has joined Sunderland after making spectacular plays for Birmingham City. This talent is, in fact, the younger brother of Jude Bellingham, who is regarded as maybe the best young midfielder in the world by many fans worldwide. With FC 24Arsquo;s Career Mode taking place before the 2023/2024 season, you can sign Jobe Bellingham from Birmingham City itself. You must certainly try to buy the 61-rated midfielder since he features a remarkable potential of 82. There are a lot of FC 24 gold coins here, you only need a little money.


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