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Entrepreneur Matrix Ecommerce MLM plan software

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Entrepreneur Matrix Ecommerce MLM plan software

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Entrepreneur Matrix Ecommerce MLM plan software


A forced matrix plan is a type of multilevel marketing compensation plan with various business model variations. In this plan, the structure grows in a specific pattern, often denoted as 3 X 4, 5 X 9 indicating a set width and depth. One notable feature of the forced matrix plan is its limited width, meaning members can have only a predetermined number of front-line members according to the set width.

Do you want to start your MLM business with readymade Matrix Ecommerce MLM software? Then, it is the best place for you to grow your business. Our Entrepreneur Matrix Ecommerce MLM Plan Software development company  is one of the most popular and successful MLM plans in the industry. 


MLM Forced Matrix Plan Software is designed for a matrix with 4 levels that grows in a 3X4 pattern.

One significant advantage of the forced matrix plan is its ability to create what's known as 'spillover.' This unique characteristic encourages your down-line distributors to primarily sponsor individuals for their down-line, which ultimately benefits you. Here's how the spillover concept works: You have a maximum number of distributors you can recruit on the first level. Once this maximum is reached, any new recruits are automatically placed in your next level and so on. Consequently, both the distributors you directly recruit and those who spill over from above remain motivated and contribute to the growth of the matrix. This leads to faster expansion as everyone benefits from those higher up in the matrix.

Our readymade php MLM software developers designed the script that incorporates all these features and is exceptionally user-friendly, making it a powerful tool for managing and optimizing your forced matrix plan.


Advantages of Matrix ecommerce MLM

  • Limited Width: Matrix ecommerce MLM software company offers one of the defining features of a matrix plan is its limited width. This encourages team members to work closely together and support one another since there's a limit to the number of frontline recruits they can have. This fosters a sense of community and teamwork.

  • Spillover Effect: Matrix plans often have a spillover effect. When a member recruits more than the maximum allowed in their frontline, the excess recruits are placed in the downline of their frontline members. This can motivate members to help each other build their teams.

  • Forced Depth: In an entrepreneur matrix ecommerce MLM plan software, there is typically a fixed depth limit. This means that a member can only build their downline to a certain number of levels deep. This can simplify the compensation structure and reduce complexity.

  • Commission Structure: Matrix plans usually offer straightforward commission structures. Members earn commissions based on the sales and activities of their downline within the specified matrix structure. This can make it easier for members to understand how they earn money.

  • Predictable Earnings: Matrix plans can provide members with a more predictable earning potential, as the compensation structure is typically fixed and based on the matrix dimensions (e.g., 3x5, 2x2, etc.).


In an entrepreneur Matrix Ecommerce MLM plan, members are organized in a structured sequence, following a left-to-right and top-to-bottom pattern. When using Ecommerce MLM Plan, members typically don't have the option to choose their position within the matrix; instead, they are allowed to select their sponsor. The commissions a member earns are determined by the specific level they occupy during a given payout period. For instance, in a 3x4 tree structure, a member can have up to 5 direct members in their downline and will receive compensation for up to 4 levels. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of how this all functions, you can explore our entrepreneur Matrix MLM software, which provides a detailed overview of the entire process.

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