CAS 94-24-6 Tetracaine Whatsapp+8618086003771

Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal:+86 180 8600 3771 Tele:@JHMarissa28 Threema: Y8F3Z5CH Email:[email protected] Company Website: (Contact Marissa for more information or any product that you’re interested in.) Warehouse: We have warehouses in Moscow, USA, Canada. Germany, Australia, Mexico, Poland. And Netherlands.Stock available in those warehouses. Delivery: Door to Door Service!!! Double-sided Customs Clearance!!! 100% Confidential Safe and Fast Delivery!!! Perfect after-sale service!!! Product Quality: Ours are always high quality, we never send our customers inferior-quality product. Free sample to test the quality is acceptable if have intention to start a long-term cooperation with us. Terms of Payment: TT, Alipay, Cryptocurrency(bitcoin, usdt, xmr,etc), Western union, Money Gram, PanPay or other methods you required. Hot Sell Listings: Hot selling List: CAS 110–63–4 BDO 1,4-Butanediol CAS 60996–94–3 Dipyanone CAS 71368–80–4 Bromazolam CAS 28578–16–7 PMK ethyl glycidate (powder&oil) CAS 13605–48–6 PMK powder CAS 5337–93–9 4′-Methylpropiophenone PMK oil CAS 5449–12–7/CAS 25547–51–7/CAS 10250–27–8 New BMK Powder CAS 20320–59–6 New BMK Oil CAS 79099–07–3 BOC-PIPERIDONE CAS 1009–14–9 Valerophenone CAS 1451–82–7 2b4m 2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone CAS 925–90–6 Ethylmagnesium Bromide CAS 86–29–3 Diphenylacetonitrile CAS 124878–55–3 2-iodo-1-phenylpentan-1-one (49851–31–2) CAS 75804–30–7 AIBN 2,2′-Azobis(2-methylpropionitrile) CAS 593–51–1 Methylamine hydrochloride HCL Pls feel free to contact me, I’m always at your service. You can also consult me the chemical raw material which is not listed in this ad.


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