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Guangzhou YuanYi Packing Material Co., Ltd.,which located at Guangzhou China, we are manufacturer in the businesss of PVC self-adhesive wall coverings/PVC Wallpaper stickers/PVC wallpapers/wall cloth/photo wallpaper/wall murals /PVC film for wallpaper  FOR 9 years   1. Thickness: 0.18 to 0.45 MM,  2. Width: 1.22M 3. Length: 25/50M roll 4, Self-adhesive (with glue on the back, ) 5, Materials:PVC+PET+imported glue+backing papers (Different from the paper backing Vinyl wallpaper)    Paper backing Vinyl wallpaper,the surface is waterproof,but if the wall humidity, the backing paper will be mouldy,But PET backing will be mould proof;Mildew resistant   Usage: Tearing down the backing paper can be stick on any clear smooth dry and no powder surface ( wall, furniture, windows, countertop, bay window, skirting) and brush the wall primer befre sticking on the wall   Funtion: hard to peel off, Self-adhesive, waterproof, damp proof,can use the wet cloth to clean the surface,anti-bacterials,mould proof, will not become back, fire retardant,Eco-friendly, and easy to clean, Don't fade in color , last longer than paper, clear embossed texture, easy for replacement   Viber, Wechat, Whatsapp,Tel:+86 13924147310 QQ: 2355523703 Skype & MSN & Mail box    gzyy2012@hotmail.com http://en.gzyuanyi.cn/ Wall Murals/photo wallpaper/Picture wall coverings/wall cloth https://plus.google.com/107717594816833234613/photos

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