How to take fashion accessories to another level!

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With things constantly evolving in the world of fashion, it is no surprise when accessories to make a change and have an impact on the fashion world. These days, it is not only models and actors that try to modernize jewelry but even bloggers and individuals who try their hands at some fun stuff. But why? Because along with clothes and shoes, beauty accessories too, have come a long way and deserve a ‘remix.’ So what is the best way to pump up your everyday outfits with jewelry? Through so many years, women have stuck to the basics – small studs with western clothes, bangles and head jewelry with Indian attire and chokers & delicate neckpieces with gowns and dresses. However, with a little more imagination, all of this fashion jewelry can be pumped up and help people notice your outfits like never before. Earrings: Earrings are something that all women love and work well with a large number of outfits. With the right jewelry, it is possible to make a stunning impact, while even going low with all your other jewelry. To pump them up, team gemstone earrings with T-shirts and bomber jackets for a stunning look. Alternatively, long chandelier earrings look great with maxi gowns and skater dresses. Neckpieces: Neckpieces with an antique feel look amazing with low neckline tops and simple dresses. With neckpieces, remember to keep all other jewelry like earrings, head jewelry and even makeup minimal since they can make a heavy style statement on their own. Bangles and bracelets: One of the prettiest jewelry categories, a large bunch of thin bangles either in silver or rose gold will work wonders on a good pair of fitted jeans, dainty slippers and a tank top. To keep it a tad simple, a bracelet or two will also suffice. Alongside, work them in one or both hands depending on the occasion. Anklets: For those who love minimalism, anklets are just what you need! These come in chunky and dainty designs, depending on your requirement and look amazing with skirts, shorts and knee length dresses. Make sure you wear flat slippers and pair them with unique toe rings for the perfect look. Body chains: While most people may feel that body chains can be tricky, once you are comfortable wearing them, you are bound to fall in love! With these, make sure you work on improving the aesthetics, like toning your body, making sure your skin isn’t dry, using some body glitter etc. Once this is taken care of, use a body chain with your swimsuit, beach dresses, kaftans etc. Head jewelry: A much loved category, head jewelry works wonders for most women. With a solid hairdo, work your way well by ensuring you are comfortable and secure with this jewelry before stepping out and always have a couple of hairpins for a last-minute emergency with any head jewelry. These are perfect for beach and pool parties. Thus, with a little creativity, regular pieces of jewelry that women have been wearing for centuries can be given a different look. However, the important thing here is making sure you check what goes with what – the look for the office or an interview, a day out with your girlfriend, simple jewelry for everyday wear and the works. It is also a good idea to try jewelry pieces in different colors and designs if the style works well for you. Copper And Lily copperlily The Summer Nights Anklet The Starstruck Anklet The Forever Free Anklet The Drops Of Jupiter Anklet


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