Rsgoldfast – You'd begin mounting by finishing a small quest

Well I really think that Jagex should just add a mounting skill already. You'd begin mounting by finishing a small quest that would be found at a stable. Each mount would be inserted into one of two classifications. Transport, Runs or walks faster then waht you could run/walk. Fight, the mount could fight for you and give you additional bonusses. You would start off riding a mule then perhaps level 15 or something that you could ride a standard horse. These are just two examples. Here are some other examples which are cool. Terrorbird. You could train his skill by fighitng using the steed or training at the stables. To acquire a steed you have to buy it as a baby then you would have to raise it at the stable. You will also get exp from taking care and raising and mature mount. To keep a mount in a secure place you may need to pay a stable employee to keep in in a secure or if you've got a certain construction level you cna construct your own secure. There are a genaric guy named smith. Oh, hey, I'm planning on making my life , so I plan to bring some of my own hometowns smithing skills . Oh, what could this be? That might be smithing custom weapons. I could make armor too, but that costs extra. How much? Approximately two hundred for each stat in their weapon, and 20000 to get a speical. What about armor? That might be 400 for each stat. In addition, I wish to inform you that you are able to bring your armor or weapon back and add more stats to it. But you would have to know, that my skills can only proceed so far, at 200 every stats, but you shouldn't fret too much, those weapons should help you. Well, what does it look like? Thats the best part, I carry sets around which you can purchase for about 2000 each, however there might be a bit more depending on the quality of the sets. Like what? Like the baby dwarf dragon wings, Those things are too hard to find, I'm not doing it cheap. Tell you what, as you are my first customer, I will give you two collections free, lets state the bird feathers and bronze hilt. But what do you want? More parts? Or would you like to make A weapon? Want to learn more about RuneScape gold at


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