Lost Ark is seeing such a surprisingly high level of interest


The third and final spot that you should visit is all the way in the direction of the South of the map. A ring can be seen on the ground there, and once you're near it, you'll be able to interact with it. This is the conclusion to this Hidden Story. Once you've completed this part, you'll get a +2 to your Charisma as reward. If you are looking for other Hidden Stories, we've explained how to finish all of the ones in Rehtramis. Asmongold explained why he thinks Lost Ark is seeing such a surprisingly high level of interest last Friday, following his record-breaking performance of 400k viewers from his Lost Ark official launch stream prior to the game having has officially launched. "This was just completely outside the box I didn't anticipate it in the least," Asmongold said, about the excitement of the public for Lost Ark. "I wasn't sure the game would turn out to be that massive. […] I've never believed that Lost Ark would be as popular as it is However, I think the main reasons people enjoy the game, which is an honest statement, is the fact that it plays as Diablo but is an improved game. "He added: "It has the visceral combat of Diablo, the systems and depth of Path of Exile, and it's got the zanyness of Final Fantasy. There are lots of gamers out there searching for that next new big game, I think this is what a lot of people want. That's what lots of people." Lost Ark has received massive excitement in the week prior to its official western launch. The game surpassed 1.27 million views earlier this week on Twitch, becoming the most-watched game on Twitch on Wednesday. It was getting over 900k views in the preceding days to the official release on Friday. The game is designed in an ARPG combat , along with other standard MMO features. The game was created by Smilegate along with Amazon Studios, and based on the initial reaction, it could very well be the next major MMO. Want to learn more about Lost Ark Gold at https://www.mmoexp.com/Lost-ark/Gold.html


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