We've spoken about him several times


Go to the Adventure Island and wait for access. You can't see the island at this point, but you'll know that you're in the right place when you see a maelstrom with different boats that are grouped together. Once it appears, click on the Adventure Island appears, right-click to enter. The quest begins immediately. You just need to follow the instructions and don't hesitate to seek help via chat if the quest is unclear. Best islands in Lost Ark: starter route We recommend that you visit each and every Lost Ark island eventually, but it is best to start with the easiest plus rewarding first. The islands listed here are either easy to complete and extremely rewarding, full of pandas and turtles, or form part of larger questlines. The Lonely Island. We've spoken about him several times by now but in the interest of keeping this list complete Make sure you visit Opher when you visit The Lonely Island. You'll be able exchange with Opher your Island Souls for awesome turtle skins and more. Also, you'll get the free Island Soul by simply talking to Opher. Golden Wave Island. This is an island filled with treasure chests. If you're in the market for plenty of things (Pirate coins, cards, green engravings) with very little effort. There are many cheap Lost Ark Gold for sale on P2Pah from trusted and verified sellers, P2Pah has won the recognition of users for its high-quality service and security over the years, so you can buy Lost Ark Gold with confidence. If you happen to have the Lost Ark Gold you want right now, you can visit https://www.p2pah.com/lost-ark-gold.html


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