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As currently constructed, player progression is Mut 24 coins based almost solely on in-game results. If players perform well and rack up stats, they get attribute bonuses and improve. However, this is completely unrelated both to how improvement happens in real football, and how other sports games have made their training systems. While some progress occurs during the season, football fans know that the real improvements happen in practice. Madden 24’s cover star, Coach John Madden, always advocated for the importance of practice, and the game that bears his name should as well. Madden’s badge tier system could also be improved through a better practice balance. Madden gives certain high-ranked players Superstar X-Factor badges that give them abilities above and beyond what other players can do, even with their attributes maxed out. The best Madden Superstar X-Factor abilities can completely change the game. In the initial Franchise mode season, the X-Factors are decided by EA and assigned based on players’ real-life game performance. However, as fans progress into future seasons, players can earn X-Factor badges that are seemingly unrelated to their games. For example, Jalen Ramsey can earn the “Run Stuffer” X-Factor despite being a cornerback who is never defending the run. To its credit, Madden has tried to improve Franchise mode’s training in the past, but those efforts appear to be a half-done job to placate fans. However, Madden does have a fine line to walk. Fans don’t want to spend so much time grinding through practice that it hurts to get to the Sunday night games, but there needs to be ways to help players become more invested in the progression of players. In its current iteration, Madden buffs can drastically improve a player simply by spamming plays for them. The plays don’t even have to be successful; the more a player touches the ball, the more XP they will earn. As much as EA wants the micro-transaction-filled Ultimate Team to be Madden’s signature game mode, Franchise mode has been, and likely always will be what keeps fans buying the game year after year. If Madden wants to remain among the best sports video games, it’s time for EA Sports to start improving Franchise mode drastically, starting with player progression. Almost always a point of Cheap Mut 24 coins contention and debate between professional football players and fans alike, Madden NFL 24 has begun to reveal its ratings for the many players going into the 2022-2023 season. While many players are happy to land in the top handful of their position, or even break 90. the ultimate achievement is to receive the coveted 99 rating. The game's social media has revealed the next recipient of the highest possible overall rating in the Madden NFL series.


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