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The New World placing leaves an icky colonialism flavor

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The New World placing leaves an icky colonialism flavor

vie 08-dic-2023 01:51:00 ART #997722

我仍然有我的问题。新世界的放置在我嘴里留下了一种恶心的殖民主义味道,但团队向我保证,这不是他们对 新世界硬币的追求 。当这款游戏被发现时,我就此事与娱乐总监斯科特·莱恩(Scot Lane)进行了交谈,并鉴于今年在该行业中回响的“黑人生命也是命”抗议活动,昨天再次向他询问了此事。   "We're constantly, as the arena adjustments, reviewing and searching at our sport designs," Lane instructed me the day gone by. "But I need to be clean that Aeternum is that this island that is lost in time, and one element you'll see as we upload extra content to the sport, is a number of that. We've already given a tease of the Romans and there may be extra to return that are from different intervals in time. The comparisons to North America [are] because of what you are seeing in a number of the clothing human beings are wearing, however that is its very own region, it is a supernatural island, it's magic, it's honestly nothing to do with colonialism."   I'm also still concerned approximately how interesting an MMO can be to people in 2021, in a international where warfare royales like Fortnite rule the roost. Then again, perhaps it'll be precisely what a few humans want. And I'm advocated via what I've visible. It's solid, it's chunky, it is assured, and the latest postpone to spring 2021 method there may be nevertheless six months to move. I'm quite excited to look more.   Amazon Game Studios has opted to put off its hugely multiplayer online title New World for a 2d time, with the sport now expected to release in spring next yr.   New World changed into to start with because of arrive in May this 12 months however saw its release pushed returned to twenty fifth August as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. With that revised launch date now a touch over a six weeks away, but, Amazon has opted for a 2nd delay to spring 2021 - for each the game and its final beta - as a way to "get things in which we want them earlier than we absolutely release".   In a statement posted to the New World weblog, Amazon Game Studios director Rich Lawrence said he changed into "pleased with the hard work the crew has done, making the sport equipped for New World coins for sale release with the features we intended for launch." However, he continued, "When we examined the comments we obtained over the past several months from our Alpha target market, we noticed that players like the game, and that they would love to see even more of it".  
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